Lip reshaping

Lip Reshaping

Other terms: Lip lift, lip augmentation

A lip lift is a procedure to lift the upper lip to make the red part of the lip more visible which enhances to attractiveness of the lip as with aging skin lengthens and the red lip becomes less visible.



Fillers lift

Lip lift with fillers: this used for youthful lips and for moderate lift

Hyaluronic acid , is the most used and safest  semipermanent filler, for lip enhancement. It can stay from 8 to  16 months. Injections are done under local anesthesia for better comfort.

Lip augmentation with 0.6 ml of Hyaluronic Acid in young patient

Surgical lift

This is for thinner lips and aged lips , the lift is done with excision of ski n from the subnasal area.

Subnasal Bullhorn lip lift

Bull Horn Lip Lift: the post-operative aspect (left), and the pre-operative aspect (right) of surgically modified lips. Vermilion border is noticeably more defined in post-operative aspect.

Corner of the mouth lift

Another variation of the procedure consists of a lenticular excision of the white skin surrounding the upper oral commissure in order to lift this part of the lips. This technique has also been dubbed “Smile Lift”. This technique is used in cases of corner of the mouth dropping tha cannot be corrected even after a face lift.

Complications which may arise from lip lift surgery include:

  • Numbness
  • Stiffness
  • Pain
  • Paresthesia
  • Lip distortion
  • Lip lengthening
  • Smile deformation
  • Speech impediment
  • Visible scarring